Company History

Elite Professional Dog Training began 7 years ago with the love of dogs. To live with a dog as a respectful, obedient, healthy, loving pet requires training. Elite Professional Dog Training teaches owners the correct way of working with their puppy through balanced reinforcement. With this learning environment as the foundation, the dog and his family are safe, playful and fulfilled every day together.

Laurent Gabriel, owner, personally enrolls dog/owner clients.


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Words From the Director


CEO / Co-Founder


Hi my name is Laurent Gabriel founder of Elite Professional Dog Training. I have been training for 25 years. I train all dogs no matter how big or small, if you think your dog can’t be trained think again. I train out of the Orlando area. I specialize in obedience, potty training and house breaking. I have classes, make house calls, and I also board dogs from all over the US for training. I have been featured on the hit TV show Animal Attractions on PBS, and am a proud member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. To have an ELITE dog is to have ELITE training, to have ELITE training, is to have ELITE trainers. ELITE PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINING… Why go to your dog… when your dog should come to you. Results Guaranteed