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Reily the 7 yr Akita

My girlfriend and I have recently moved to Florida and we brought her 7 year old Female Akita with us. She had never had any formal training and our main issue with her was with her obedience. Especially while on leash.
I had called Laurent on a referral from someone I had met here in Florida who really had a good experience with him. We had Laurent out to our home to train Reilly to be well mannered on leash. Within 30 minutes he was able to get her to stay walking at our sides instead of trying to drag us down the street! Then he worked on getting her to sit on command while on leash outside. Reilly wasn’t willing to do this quietly but Laurent established dominance and after a bit of resistance she sat on command, plus laid down. He did all this in one day!!! Laurent educated us on all the techniques and her behaviors. Now Reilly is much more behaved inside and outside the
home. He did a great job with our Akita and I now recommend him to anyone who needs their dog trained.

Training Methods

There are various types of training methods within the dog world.  Some use all positive, some use all negative or some use both.   We all have to realize that all positive consequently relates to both neg and positive, while all negative relates to nothing positive.  Let me explain the first part to my statement. In a so called all positive atmosphere, appraisal, treats and a happy demeanor are the foundation for this type of training; but let’s really look at the actions of this method.  (Note: I am not bashing this type of training method.) Anytime a tug of a leash, making a correction with a dog (quirt bottle, shaking of pennies, making a loud noise with your mouth of any sort, etc) consequently is a type of negative reinforcement.  The correction may not be as severe as an all negative reinforcement, but it is still negative.  I don’t want you to be upset with my statement, because it is a necessity.  All positive IS NOT REAL LIFE. I repeat “ALL POSITIVE IS NOT REAL LIFE”.  There has to be some negatives in life, in order to learn from your mistakes.  The same method applies to dog training as well.  Sometimes a dog has to have an unpleasant experience in order to learn what not to do.  I personally haven’t witnessed a well trained dog that has never experienced negative reinforcement.  If you have, I would love to see the video.

Elite Professional Dog Training

Home Habits and Behaviors

All of us would love to own a dog that is trained from the beginning; but let’s face it, 90% of us won’t receive this gift. How we interact with our dogs from the beginning will create the blueprint of how your dog will react to you throughout your life.  Take the proper steps in potty training, house manners (which include door and table manners), boundary restriction, leash control, social interaction and respect.  Your dog will definitely love you, but respect might be a different story.  If your dog respect you, he/she will respond to you in any situation 95% and will not invade your space without approval.  Remember what your dog practices at home, most of the time will determine how he/she will react in public.

The Challenge In Dog Training Group Classes

Alright everyone, this is the moment of truth. As you know, we are meeting again at Blue Jacket Park. This week will definitely exceed last week’s lesson involving the stay and come commands. I hope everyone practiced thoroughly, b/c all I can say is be prepared. Remember your dog will tell on you if you have not been working with them. Kevin will be meeting you all in class for the first half, then I should be there shortly after 9 a.m. I have instructed him to make class very challenging. I will see everyone in the morning!!!! 🙂

Training Focused on Recall Command

We will be meeting at Blue Jacket Park tomorrow. Recalls are an extremely important command that all dogs should know and respond too. We will be practicing heavily on this command and also I will be adding some anomalies into the the equation throughout the training session. Blue Jacket Park is located in Baldwin Park on General Reeves next to Glen Ridge Middle school. We will meet at the fountain at 9 a.m. sharp. See you all in the morning!!


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