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Sadie the Elite Pro Beagle

I never knew the challenges of owning a Beagle. The incessant barking, chewing, howling, stubbornness, and THE HOWLING. In case I didn’t mention that already.

She was a Christmas present for Christmas 2007. By Valentines Day my wife, and I had enough. Sadie aka “Sadie Monster” was uncontrollable. Walks were a nightmare pulling, barking, trying to run off to wherever her nose would take her was her forte. Trying to teach her basic obedience was getting us nowhere fast.

We knew she had to be trained, and we weren’t getting anywhere fast with her. We looked into some of the mega pet stores programs watched a few, and knew right away that wasn’t going to correct our problems. We needed help.

Luckily for us and Sadie my wife ran into Laurent at our Vet’s office. She spoke with him briefly and was impressed. She passed his info to me, and we set up a meeting.

Thirty-Five minutes later we had a plan. Boot Camp, and the Perfect Puppy Program. My wife and I knew that it was the only solution. So we packed her up and sent her to stay in-home with the Elite Pro.

The service was awesome. We would get frequent updates on her progress. We got to see her in action after just a few weeks, and let me tell you SHE WAS INCREDIBLE. Sit, stay, down, come here, every command she was given she was obeying. On leash, and off leash. Let me remind you this is the same Beagle that would almost take your arm off trying to follow her nose only three weeks prior. The training continues.

Her training wasn’t complete yet, she still had a few weeks to go before perfection. Let me fast-forward to when we got her back home.

It is great to have a dog, no scratch that, a K9 family member that knows how to behave like a family member. She no longer howls, gets on our furniture, or even tries to take off when her nose tries to take her somewhere. She was professionally trained, and it shows. Oh yeah, so were we.

Remember when I said we had tried to teach her basic obedience ourselves? Well we aren’t professional dog trainers. In fact we were causing more harm than we were good. Laurent fixed that though. He came by our home 3-4 times a week to train us. YES, we got trained as well.

In those sessions we learned how to be the leaders of the pack, and how to communicate with our newly reformed Beagle. The service didn’t stop there.

We get phone calls checking up on how shes doing, and if there are any new issues. We can call anytime we need to, for anything that might come up.

Thank You Laurent, and Thank you Elite Professional Dog Training for taking the monster out of “Sadie Monster”.

Tebow the Boxer
Dear Laurent,

Our family couldn’t be happier with the results we got from Elite Professional Dog Training.

Our boxer, Tebow, came to you at 1 year old, full of energy and challenge. He wasn’t a ‘bad’ or aggressive dog, but one lacking obedience and boundaries. He was a chore to walk, chewed on everything, and had command of the house. We did agree that Tebow would need some ‘one on one training’ for awhile. We missed him for a few weeks, but it made such a difference! We really appreciated you allowing us to call daily, as often as we wanted, to check on him. We knew he was in good hands! After Tebow returned home, each of us (a family of six) had to make Tebow a priority and work with him consistently, using the training guidelines that you had given us. The training was as much for us as for Tebow. We just can’t tell you how pleased and satisfied we are! We are enjoying our dog so much more now and are continually complimented by others about our well-trained dog! Thanks for everything!

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