Obedience Training Courses

6 Week In Home Private Lessons

We train the owner as well as the dog inside the home and outside the home.We start at the house, by week 4 we start journey training.

Perfect Puppy Program

We will keep your pup from 6–8 weeks up until they are 7 to 8 months, there we will potty train, give the dog structure and obedience in house.  You will get to visit your puppy weekly if you would like and will receive reports on the progress of your pup.

14 Day Training

For animal and human aggressive dogs (or just human aggressive dogs) that need some behavioral modification. This program is designed for the owner that can handle their dog.

Doggy Boot Camp

2 to 6 week training camp held in trainers home. Training includes all realms of behavior, obedience, house training, and potty training. Trainer also targets specific behavioral problems.
Dogs live in the comfort of the trainers home with the trainer, so they learn the rules of the home, and the household. Also included is a lifetime of remedial training, and consultation for future problems. Two week camp will include on-leash training only.

Group Classess

8 weeks long for 2 hours a day 1 day a week