Pets problems: We wanted our dog to be the kind of dog that was not annoying and uncontrollable like what we see out there.  He wasn’t listening to us and pretty much did what he wanted to do. He also yelped alot when he wasn’t getting his way. We started out with another dog trainer and had a horrible experience. We did not see much of a change with Chewy.

Training Type: The training we did was the 6 week private lessons at home.

Comments: We are all extremely happy. Laurent did a wonderful job – he did what another trainer could not do. We noticed an immediate change after only one lesson.  Chewy is a much better dog and we are better dog owners.  A well trained dog makes happy dog owners. Laurent you are great and thanks for your patience, understanding and love not just for Chewy but for all dogs.  I have referred others in the past and will continue to do so.