Kobe the 7 yr old German Shepard

My 90 pound rescued German Shepherd Dog, Kobe, was a very pleasant dog at home.  But as soon as we would leave our home, he became very aggressive to any dogs that crossed our path.  We nick named this behavior “making his murdering face” because he looked like he was ready to kill any dog he encountered.  This made walks around the neighborhood and trips to dog friendly places very stressful for our entire family.  We got a new pup and wanted to socialize him but hated leaving Kobe at home.  It was on one such outing that we ran into Laurent and I mentioned the dog that always has to stay at home.  He told me he could work with me on this.  I took him at his word and scheduled and evaluation/training session.  We walked around my neighborhood but there were no dogs out on this day, not even a cat.  So we borrowed a neighbors docile dog and Laurent showed me how to handle and talk to Kobe in the presence of the other dog.  Soon he was sitting calmly as neighbor dog walked closer and closer.  We walked around Baldwin Park and Kobe passed many a dog without any reaction.  We followed this up with a visit to Laurents’ Saturday obedience class.  By the end of the class,  Kobe was so calm I could actually let go of the leash, walk across the parking lot and call him to me, in the presence of many other dogs!  We finished off the class with a stroll around the farmers’ market without incident.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Winter Park farmers’ market, this was the ultimate test as the walkways are narrow and the place is always crowded with lots of dogs.   I followed up this visit with a trip to the Maitland farmers’ market the next day and Kobe is a changed dog.  Kobe was an awesome dog before but we have a whole new relationship now that I am confident that I can take him along with me anywhere without the “murdering face”.

We plan on enrolling the new pup in the Saturday class as soon as he gets a little more stable on his very large feet.

I can’t thank you enough for making my dog nearly perfect.

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