Lee the Labrador

“Elite Professional trained my Labrador, Lee around 8 months ago. Before Laurent, he was owner-agressive, and would challenge for dominance at the drop of a hat. I’d tried every positive reenforcement, “gentle leader” treats-based reward trainer out there.

By training both by pup and me, Laurent corrected every problem that Lee had, and showed me how to handle a large dog with confidence and authority.

The difference is absolutely night and day. Before, simple commands would likely lead to a near bite. Now, Lee heels from any distance, rapidly, into a perfect sit in one command. He can walk through a throng of people and dogs, loose leash, without a hint nervousness, because he undertands that I’m his protector, and he is mine.

Where other “professional” trainers recommended euthanasia for Lee’s agressive dominance problems, Laurent set clear rules and boundaries, and fostered mutual respect for both handler and animal.

Today, I can’t do anything with my pup without numerous strangers commenting on his impeccable manners and conduct, even in new or strange situations. Lee waits, looks at me for guidance, and acts accordingly. I can say, with complete confidence, Laurent saved my dogs life. “

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