When I first received my Athena as a puppy, I had no idea what a handful she was going to be. People tried to warn me that my doberman would need strict discipline right away for they can quickly outsmart their owners.

In fact, they are known for training their owners before they get trained themselves. However, I could not help but spoil her. She was just so cute

A few months later, I quickly realized that I had made a huge mistake. I now had a full sized doberman that believed she could not only run the household, but also the neighborhood and everyone in it.

She barked ferociously when people ate in front of her and did not share. She was extremely jealous if there was too much attention on one particular person  and not on her. She also harassed anyone that walked by the window or doorway. If You were in a wheelchair,stroller, or even a small child, then you had better start running, because Athena was about to raise hell on you!

Her disrespectful and unruly behavior became very clear when she put her life on the line by eating 2 socks and a boot. Most dogs could pass these things;however, she was in surgery 3 times and she was not even a year and a half yet. At this point, it was time to get serious about her discipline. This is when we found Laurent at elite dog training. He had the perfect mix of love and discipline for animals that a pet owner so desperately needs to control their loved one. Just after 5 minutes he was able to have her full attention and start productive training. Just after a few weeks, Athena was listening to instruction for whatever she was told. Sit, stay,go, come here, go lie down, etc. You name it, she did it! It was especially important though, that she did as she was told if she had foreign objects in her mouth. Sure enough, Laurent had her dropping and leaving whatever it is she decided to chew. An owner often fears that once the trainer leaves, the good behaviour goes with him; but once again, Laurent came through for us! He not only trained the dog, but he trained us as owners to continue training her! Now socks are no longer a threat in this household and Athena is the perfect companion we always knew she would be! She is a more enjoyable pet,but most importantly, she is a happier pet!

I would recommend Laurent for any pet owner!  He is a guaranteed success!

thank you Laurent!

Sydney, Athena and the Lidstones