Behavioral Modification Courses

Description One


Excessive Barking

Aggression (Food or towards people)**

Destructive Behavior**

Description Two

Fear and Separation Anxiety


All other Behavioral problems**

* $150.00 Consultation fee. (We will work on some behavioral problems throughout this visit.)


Good Health Programs

We will work closely with you, and your vet to determine an appropriate exercise program. We will then schedule times for us to meet, and exercise your dog. This can be done while you are at work or while you are out shopping. Owners presence not required.

Guard Dog Training

We teach your dog to protect you, your family,and your home. As with all of our plans we also train you to control your guardian angel.The length of the training course will vary due to the specific needs of the breed/owner combination.


Doggy Boot Camp

2 to 6 week training camp held in trainers home. Training includes all realms of behavior, obedience, house training, and potty training. Trainer also targets specific behavioral problems.

Dogs live in the comfort of the trainers home with the trainer, so they learn the rules of the home, and the household.
Also included is a lifetime of remedial training, and consultation for future problems.

Two week camp will include on-leash training only.

Out-Of-State Plan

Our Doggy Boot Camp is also used for our out-of-state clients that would like to use our services. We will arrange transportation for your pet to get to us, board, and train them for the necessary amount of time. Then at the end of training you can come down here to sunny Florida for 2 days for the owner training. Who doesn’t like a vacation?